WordPress Small Tasks Service

Uploading content, images or making small changes to your websites design for $39
We will help you website in 3 steps.

WordPress Task Service

1. Contact

Let us know what you want updated or changed.

2. Review

We review your support request and send a quote.

3. Small Changes

Our support team will make the requested updates to your website.

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Simply register your email and submit your ticket request.
Our WordPress Small Task Service is designed to save your time updating your website.

About the Service

List of Tasks

Before we get to work on your website it's important that we understand your requirements. As soon as you open a support ticket we will review your request and, if necessary, we will follow up with clarifications.

Add or Update Text

We will help you upload text to your website, create new pages and update existing content. When you open your support ticket, you can attach a Word document with the relevant updates.

Upload or Update Images

We will help you upload or change existing images on your website, slider, or gallery. To get started, simply upload the images to the support ticket on the support page.

Design Updates

Need support making changes to the design of your website? With a little bit of code, we can update your colors, fonts, or change the layout of your pages.

Feature Update

Want to add new functionality to your website? Maybe you would like a newsletter, Instagram feed, or picture gallery? Simply let us know what's needed and we'll find the best solution to get it done.


When we have completed the requested tasks, our support team will update the status of your ticket. You will be asked to review your website and suggest any further changes or improvements.

What Our Clients Say

We were referred to Ranked Brain by one of our employees, and thank God we were. Our previous website developers had over-promised and under-delivered, and practically brought our systems to a standstill. Ken was able to help us get everything under control again, and meet all of our needs and more!

Great people and a great company. Got my website built quickly and it looks great. Very good communication and very quick to respond. Thank you for working with me! I would highly recommend Ranked Brain

Ranked Brain revamped our whole Food Truck Association page. The team was and still continues to be very easy to work with. Our website is safe, fast, efficient and beautiful. I had an idea and they brought it to life. If I have a question or need to reach out the speed in response is A+++.

Open Service Request for WordPress Small Task Service Now

Simply register your email and submit your ticket request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to does it take to update my website?

When your order is processed, we typically update the website within two business days. Depending on the list of tasks it may take a little longer, we will let you know what our actual estimate is as soon as our support team has done the initial review of your request. If you have an urgent request, please let us know in the support form.

How many revisions are allowed with my request?

Once we have completed the requested updates on your website, we will update the support ticket and ask you for your feedback. Because we work hard to fully understand your requested updates and review them with you, we will offer 1 free revision. Additional revisions will be quoted separately.

How much does it cost?

Our WordPress Small Task Service has a minimum charge of $39, which will cover most small and common tasks. If you have a longer task list or a particularly difficult task, we will quote you accordingly.

What do you need to get started on my request?

First step is to contact us by opening a support ticket. Then, in order for our support team to make the necessary updates to your website we will need a WordPress administrator account and login details added to the support ticket.

Is migrating WordPress a lot of work?

The WordPress migration process can be rather long and tedious, although it can be a little easier with doing a WordPress to WordPress migration. You’ll need to export and import your database and files separately, which can take a few hours to complete depending on the size and quantity of files. You’ll also have to ensure that you update your DNS and configuration settings correctly; otherwise web users will be unable to access or view your site.

The good news is that you don’t have to do everything yourself. At Ranked Brain, we offer a complete WordPress migration service to help put your mind at ease.

WordPress migrations made easy with Ranked Brain

Moving your site to a new hosting environment may pose a few challenges. Your site might be down while you’re trying to configure your new server. You may also find some of the technical procedures a little much.

That’s why Ranked Brain will do all the heavy lifting for you. You won’t have to spend hours figuring out what you need to do. We also spare you the hassle of troubleshooting any errors that may arise.
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