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Email Marketing

Email Campaign Services

Stand out with branded email newsletters and email campaigns, keeping your emails out of spam folders and in front of your customer. Our team will build your subscriber lists, test email design, and craft industry-specific content.

Identifying and reaching your target audience is the first step in building and nurturing an engaged group of leads. We help build a strong foundation by setting up CRM solutions that fit your requirements and budget. Next we build automation programs and content messaging plans that will reach users’ inboxes.

Email Campaign Targeting

You see them every day, soliciting emails in your inbox. The problem is that very often it’s not for a product your looking for so you immediately delete them or add them to spam. However, what if you could send an email directly to people who are currently looking for your products and services. We can help you do that. We offer 100% guaranteed delivery and an industry leading open rate. We’ll help you put your product right in front of your customer!

Email Campaign Design

At Ranked Brain our process is to design and manage an email campaign that can engage and inspire your customers. Our creative team has years of experience designing, measuring, and executing a successful email campaign to speak for themselves. We aim to increase interactions between your business and your followers.

Email Campaign Proof

Collaborating with our clients is essential when designing and delivering content. Our professional design staff allows you to proof the content that we send to your customers in advance to make sure it is precisely the way you want it. We want your involvement and feedback to ensure you are satisfied with your business representation..

Email Campaign Scheduling

Scheduling your content in regular intervals in order to keep relevant with your clients is important in the emailing campaign process. An integral part of the process is researching the best day, time, or season to schedule a campaign in order to get maximum results.

Measuring Email Campaign Success

Measuring data to make sure we are getting the best results for your campaign is the key to a successful email campaign. If a potential customer shows interest in buying, then moving them into a sales funnel and introducing your sales team to the prospect provides the necessary follow-up to help increase sales for your for your business. At Ranked Brain we measure Open Rate and Click-Throughs, which show your customers are actually clicking on the links sent to them and not just deleting the email. Analyzing engagement is key to knowing if we need to tweak your design in order to maximize interactions with potential clients.

Email Campaign Reporting

At Ranked Brain we stand behind our processes and results. We want to show our customers how their company has benefited from our services. We provide a report of a successful email campaign and showing how their investment has paid off over time.
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