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Backup to Secure Cloud

Our team backs up your entire WordPress website to the cloud so even if your server crashes, nothing from your website is ever lost.

4x Daily Backups

We can backup your WordPress website multiple times per day to make sure every change to your site is recorded, captured and available to restore.

1-Click Restore

When a WordPress website backup is required, we have the ability to restore your website entirely with just 1-click. No more backup headaches.

Fully Automated

We never leave backups to chance. We schedule backups during optimal, low-traffic times to ensure they’re 100% successful.

US/EU Storage Choice

With GDPR now in play, we allow all our customers and partners choose between storing their backups on US or EU servers.

Include What You Want

Have only certain files you want to backup but others you don’t want to? Choose exactly which files we send to the cloud and which we don’t touch.

Comes With 24/7 support

Our team is 24/7 including weekends so if a backup goes rogue, we’ll handle it immediately.

Single Website

Just have a single website? No sweat! We can help in an emergency with one of our care plans

Multiple Websites

Managing multiple websites? Let’s talk about our white-label program.

Included in RB Premium Subscription

Wp-Rocket works on anything from a simple blog to eCommerce stores and will increase your page load speeds! Wp-Rocket is simply the best caching plugin available for optimizing speed and performance for your WordPress website. Everything from caching to DNS prefetching, it’s all included!

Included in RB Premium Subscription

With BlogVault you get WordPress website backups that always work, an integrated free staging site, 24X7 data protection with offsite storage, reporting, and a white-label solution! One-click merge to migrate changes to your live site! Not to mention 90 days worth of archives, recover from any mistake!


You've got questions. We've got answers.

WordPress backup service questions?

What are WordPress website backups?
Your website has files and software that have been uploaded to your server as well as a database full of content and data. A WordPress website backup is a copy of everything that is needed for your WordPress website to function as designed. That copy is then stored for safe keeping just in case it’s needed.
Do I really need to do backups for my website?

Hackers. Uncompressed images. Bad code. Human error. WordPress websites face multiple threats and, as a result, require lots of protection.

But what happens if all the security measures, performance enhancers, and user management controls you put in place aren’t just aren’t enough? What if your WordPress website goes down, gets hacked, or data is corrupted or goes missing? Do you really want to start from scratch?

This is why backups are necessary. Backups are a lifesaver for your website. And they come in handy for a number of reasons:

Security breaches: backups are an essential part of any WordPress security strategy. If your website should be defaced, held for ransom, used as a host for phishing attacks, or otherwise corrupted by a hacker, you don’t want to spend countless hours combing through content or the database to repair it.

Storing WordPress backups outside of your server enables you to instantly recover your site to a previous version and remove the issue.

Bad updates: you introduce risks any time you update WordPress, a theme, or a plugin. Updates are part of keeping your WordPress site secured and speed optimized, but it doesn’t mean there is no potential for harm in the process.

Plugin conflicts, erroneous coding, or bad updates could easily take down your site. If you know this is the cause of the outage and you aren’t able to clean up the infection manually, you can immediately get your website back up and running.

Human error: of course, there’s always the human error to worry about too, especially if you have multiple resources updating content or functions.

All it takes is one line of bad code to break a piece of a website. With backups, you can save yourself time in having to troubleshoot what users did and restore your website with a single click.

How do I send you login credentials for my WordPress site?

The backup process is fully automated and all your backups are safely stored on cloud servers. Restoring your website just requires one click and there’s always someone available to help if you should run into any trouble.

Your current hosting provider may have included backups with your web hosting plan.  Is that enough? Are you sure those backups will be there when you need them?

There are WordPress backup and restore plugins available. Can’t you just click a button and let the plugin handle everything?

Yes, those are viable solutions, but it’s unwise to leave your backups completely in the hands of others, especially if your backups reside on the same server as your website. If your site should go down or have issues and you have no backup to turn to, it will cost you time, money, and reputation.

We offer you a 24/7 team that fully manages your website, backups and the 1-click restore functionality.


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I have a seen many decent websites and support in my time, but nothing as exceptional as the work done by Ranked Brain! If you want your business to have an amazing website, great exposure, and have the publicity your business needs, then this is the company to do it!!
Shawna Mitchell
Ranked Brain has been doing our web hosting, reviews, web presence, etc. since April 2019. During our time with Ranked Brain, our patient numbers have increased significantly, our website has over 300% more traffic, and our reviews have increased substantially!
Dr. Sterling, D.C.

Other Services

Performance Optimization

Our engineers will help you achieve load times under 2 seconds. We also include premium caching and image compression as a part of our plans.

WordPress Website Edits

We put no limits on website edits when you sign up for a monthly premium support plan. We give you the ability to request edits whenever you need them, no waiting until next month or paying additional fees for your edits.

Premium WordPress Support

We offer premium support for WP websites with advanced functionality such as eCommerce, membership, multilingual, or highly customized configurations.

Fully Managed Security

We take every step to ensure that your WP website is locked down and as secured as possible, we do this by implementing our proven advanced security protocols.

WordPress Core & DB Backups

We perform multiple WordPress website backups on our secure Amazon S3 servers (rest easy with our 1-click restore functionality).

Freemium Plugins

Our plans include advanced premium security, caching, preloading, CDN, Staging, and additional site hardening, just to name a few. We’re always evaluating and adding premium offerings to our plans.

Core Files, Plugins, & Theme Updates

Your WP core files, themes, and plugins are updated weekly and included in our weekly reporting to make sure your Premium WP maintenance services exceed expectations.

24/7 Monitoring & Emergency Support

Your WordPress website is evaluated repeatedly throughout the day for responsiveness. Our support team works 24/7 and we take action if we are alerted due to issues.

Mobile Friendly Optimization

We evaluate every single page and post on your WP website and make sure they pass the industry standard Mobile-Friendly expectations, no matter the browser or device used to visit your site.

Other ServicesTrack where your visitors are coming from. Learn which pages your users are landing on, exiting from, and what pages are the most popular.

Business Analytics & Monitoring Platform

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