Ranked Brain Sponsors #Toys4KCTots Social Media Platform


Ranked Brain is proud to sponsor the social media platform for our local 2019 Toys For Tots drive! We would like to thank Matt Wajle from Multivac for leading this extremely large effort and Mack Stephenson who is currently in the Pryor Leadership Program at William Jewell College.

It is 2019 and Toys for Tots Kansas City has now…Joined the socials.


Toys 4 KC Tots on Instagram
Toys for Tots KC on Facebook
KC Toys for Tots on the Twitter
Toys for Tots Kansas City

Toys for Tots Kansas City now has active social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the buttons above to give us a follow! We welcome interaction with our profiles and hope to use our new social media presence to share and like photos and announcements related to Toys for Tots! We would love to see photos of donation boxes, posts announcing Toys for Tots promotions, and even selfies of patrons and volunteers giving and volunteering for Toys for Tots. Remember to use the hashtag #Toys4KCTots!

In addition to giving us a follow and sharing your posts with the #Toys4KCTots hashtag, we have set up a Google drive file you can use to upload pictures of Toys for Tots events and activities you would like us to share. Please use the button below to upload. While we can’t promise we will use everything you upload, your submissions will help us to promote your organization and the Toys for Tots Campaign as a whole.

A big thanks to Ken Glenn at Ranked Brain for helping get Toys for Tots KC online and socialized, and our new Social Media Intern Mack Stephenson from William Jewell College’s Pryor Leadership Program who is helping us out this Toys for Tots Season.


Ken G.

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