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Commonly Asked Questions

With so many choices for WordPress maintenance services, why should I work with you?
  • We offer 24/7 support. RB Premium Maintenance & Support was built with a follow the sun model we have staff around the globe. If the sun is up, so are we!
  • We give our customers free access to premium plugins. Websites that are on our Protection Plan or Performance Plan plans get access to iThemes Security Pro, WP Smush Pro and WP Rocket. This is pretty fantastic value considering the overall prices of our plans.
  • Our online reviews, testimonials and customer stories are awesome! We let our customers speak for themselves.
  • We have a white-label partnership program. Ranked Brain partners with design agencies, marketing firms and freelancers by offering a simple and very effective white-label maintenance and support solution. If you have clients or customers that need ongoing website edits, performance enhancements, additional security or any kind of regular maintenance, we’ll step in as your technical partner.
How do I send you login credentials for my WordPress site?

Once you have received your credentials to access our secure Support Portal we will engage you in order to have them securely exchanged.

How does your client onboarding work and what can I expect?

Absolutely we do!

WordPress Websites with this type of advanced functionality will need our WordPress Performance Plan, same with membership sites, multi-language sites, WordPress sites with online payments, etc. They require additional resources to be managed correctly, so making sure that you’re on the right plan will enable us to dedicate what’s needed to keep your WordPress website secure, optimized for speed, and running smoothly.

Does it matter if my website is not hosted with you?

We work with WordPress websites regardless of where they are hosted.

We know and understand that WordPress websites have varying needs and there are other factors involved. Although, if you are utilizing a shared hosting solution, we may not be able to achieve your speed and security goals. If you’d like to discuss a hosting change or upgrade, we have options available to all of our clients.

How does onboarding work and what can I expect?

Once you sign up for the Premium Maintenance & Support plan that meets your needs and the requirements of your WordPress website, you will receive a welcome and introduction email that outlines how to access our Support Portal. Once you have logged into our Support Portal, we will give you a warm welcome and get everything started. We suggest an admin account specifically created for our team for auditing purposes, if you would like our suggestion let us know and we’d be happy to help you get one created.

Once you have sent the required login credentials for your WordPress website dashboard and your hosting provider, we’ll have your plan up and going in 24-48 hours. This includes our extensive checklist to ensure your WordPress website is freshly backed up and optimized.

Your load speed optimization will likely take a week, due to the fact that we have to evaluate and optimize your unique WP core files, plugins, and theme. We pride ourselves in quality, so we take our time and make sure every little detail is checked twice. During the on boarding process your website will be backed up hourly.

As we are working through our on boarding tasks we will be in constant communication with you, keeping you updated regarding our work as it happens. We even offer transparent communication via our Slack channel with your on boarding specialist for instant updates.

What if I have multiple WordPress websites that I want to be managed?

Our Premium Maintenance & Support plans each cover a single WordPress website. If you have multiple sites or you have subdomains of a website (e.g. rankedbrain.com and affiliates.rankedbrain.com) they will be treated as separate sites. If you have more than one WordPress website that you’d like us to manage, you will need a plan for each. Depending on the needs for the websites, you may choose a different plan for each website.

Do you offer live phone support with any of your plans?

While we don’t offer phone support as a part of our premium plans, customer service is our #1 priority and we believe that you’ll find our email and live chat support effective, fast, and stress free! If you would like to inquire about phone support as an optional add-on please make your on boarding specialist aware.

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